Watch What You’re Eating – Gas Stations in Pakistan Are Allegedly Selling Chocolates That Contain Alcohol

It’s tough when you have to live abroad, away from home. And, if you’re living in a non-Muslim country, chances are, you’re going to face a lot of issues being a Muslim. Now, this isn’t about what is happening to the Muslims around the world, it’s about the food edibles we have to avoid due to the ingredients they contain, labeling them to be Haram.


At times, it is indeed a steady battle to find Halal food to eat because a majority of the food items have ingredients that are Haram. These ingredients could be alcohol, animal gelatin etc. and could be found in any food item. If you’re reading this and are currently settled abroad, then you know the drill of checking the ingredients in every product on your daily run to the grocery store. Right?

However, a matter of concern is, these Haram food edibles can be now found in Pakistan, too. Recently, a girl from Karachi, Alina, raised her concern on Facebook when she purchased a pack of chocolates from Shell Gas Station, which is located right outside Askari 4. Upon checking the ingredients, the chocolates had alcohol in them. She also posted a picture of the ingredients on the package.

Here’s what Alina had posted on a group on Facebook

These imported chocolates are priced at PKR 360 and are being sold in Pakistan explicitly. This was just one pack of chocolates and there maybe hundreds of other imported food items placed on the shelves with haram ingredients that we purchase on a regular basis. Who are the authorities responsible? Living in the Islamic Republic, is it now our duty to read the ingredients on the food items we’re consuming?

What are your thoughts on this? Share with us if you’ve faced a similar situation.

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