I am a Pakistani and I Will Only Support Gay Rights When…

If these things happen in our society, I will celebrate my heart out! I will only put up a rainbow DP when…

1. Our Society Will Start Tolerating/Accepting Inter-Sect and Inter-Cast Marriages!


2. When Younger Guys Will Be Able To Marry Older Women Without Being Judged!


3. When Love Marriages Will Start Getting Accepted by Our Society and Not Posed As Arranged Marriages


4. When Taking Dowry ‘Jahez’ Will Be Considered As a Crime!


5. When ‘Larkiyaan’ (Girls) Will Be Allowed To Openly Express Their Liking


6.When The Government Will Put A Nationwide Ban On 10 Functions To Celebrate 1 Wedding!


6 - Copy1

7. When People Will Stop Marrying For Nationalities

7 - Copy (2)

7 - Copy


8. When The ‘Choti Beti’ Will Not Be Judged For Getting Married Before The ‘Bari Wali’

8 copy 2


8 copy 1

9. When The Mentality Will Change From ‘Doctor Bahu Who Makes Gol Rotti’ To ‘Achi Seerat Wali Larki’

9 copy 1

9 copy 2

10. When The Divorce Taboo On  A Female Is Removed

10 copy1

10 copy 2

10 copy 3

11. When People Will Start Understanding That  . . .

11 copy

Honestly, being a Pakistani, gay rights don’t concern me at all right now. How can we expect a country to acknowledge LGBT and protect their rights, when they don’t even care about minorities or even basic human rights. It’s a journey. Nothing happens overnight… let’s get our priorities straight and focus on fundamentals first. We have bigger issues to counter… Let’s focus on them to start off with!

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