The Lifestyle of Prince Al Waleed Will Blow Your Brains Out!

He’s a prince! He graduated with honors from Menlo University in 1979! He’s the Saudi Warren Buffet! He’s also Fox News’ fourth biggest investor and worlds 25th most richest man.

1. King Of His Castle


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His sand-colored palace has 317 rooms, including four kitchens given over to Arabic, Continental and Asian cuisine. The fifth is just for desserts, and his chefs can feed 2,000 with just an hour’s notice. There are also 250 TVs, apparently.

 2. Because London’s Savoy Hotel and Monaco’s Monte Carlo Grand Hotel isn’t Enough


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Al Waleed was reportedly in the running to buy New York’s iconic Plaza Hotel.

3. Born Into Royalty


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Prince Talal, Alwaleed’s father.

His parents are Prince Talal and Mona Al Solh. His maternal grandfather was the first prime minister of Lebanon and his paternal grandfather, King Abdulaziz, created Saudi Arabia.

 4. He Married Most Beautiful Women

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The first wife of Al Waleed was Dalal bint Saud, a daughter of King Saud. They have two children: Reem and Khalid, they later divorced. His second wife was a young woman Ameera al-Taweel, but they also recently got divorced.

5. He Knows Some Of The Most Influential People


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Al Waleed know’s some of the worlds most influential world’s royals, politicians, and celebrities. He and his then-wife were guests at Kate Middleton and Prince William’s royal wedding

6. Millions Owned in Jewelry


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Alwaleed claims to have a collection worth $730 million, and gave Britain’s future Queen Camilla (née Parker-Bowles) a diamond and ruby necklace worth $1.5 million. The necklace he’s wearing in the picture is the Order of Distinguished Rule of Izzuddeen, bestowed on him by President Nasheed of the Maldives, in December last year.

7. Big Break As An Investor



At the age of 36, in 1991, he made a high-stakes decision to invest in Citicorp, which made him $800 million. By 2005, that had turned into $10 billion.

8.  He’s Building The Tallest Skyscraper


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The prince has spearheaded the construction of Kingdom Tower, the tallest planned building in the world. That’s at least 568 feet taller than the world’s current tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which was designed by the same architect. It’s slated for completion in 2018.

9. Owns The Third Largest Yacht


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Al Waleed owns the 58th largest private yacht in the world, the 85.9-meter (282 ft) yacht Kingdom 5KR, originally built as the Nabilafor Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi in 1979. In 1983, whilst in Khashoggi’s ownership, the yacht posed as the Flying Saucer, the yacht of James Bond villain Largo in the film Never Say Never Again.

10. Former Owner Of Airbus 380


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The plane was reportedly tricked out with three floors, a Turkish bath, a “concert hall” with seating for 10, a boardroom with holographic projectors, and a garage for his Rolls Royce. The aircraft cost an estimated $500 million.
Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal bin Abdul Azia Al Saud


He still owns a $220 million Boeing 747 with a throne, two bedrooms, and a 14-seat dining table with 11 flight attendants from around the world.

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