12 Things We Hear Only At Desi Weddings!

 1. When Desis See Someone With Loads Of Make Up On

1 copy

2. Before Congratulating Bride’s/Groom’s Father

2 copy

3. When Desi Aunties Spot A Beautiful Girls Suitable For Their Boys

3 copy

4. Before Handing Over ‘The Envelope’

4 copy

5. Kids At Desi Weddings Be Like…

5 copy

6. Wedding Crashers Be Like…

6 copy

7. Discussion Over Others’ Dresses

7 copy

8. Repeated Inquiry About Food

8 copy

9. Arguing Over The Marriage To Be Love Or Arranged

9 copy

10. Comments Over Arrangements

11 copy

11. Comments On Bride

10 copy

12. Comments Over Food

12 copy

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