Here is Why #IndiaNeedsToiletsNotWar Is More Important Concerns for Indians

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India is mongering war and Pakistani Armed forces are all quite ready to counter the arch-rivals. Though Indian establishment is very much into wars, using the media to put fear in its people and do senseless defence expenditure, many of its people live below poverty line and don’t have basic facilities such as a toilet.

48% (more than half a billion people!) of India perform the nature’s call in the open and thus Pakistanis started trending #IndiaNeedsToiletsNotWar to remind India of its priorities.

Check out some of the most hilarious tweets below


India can do all its warmongering it wants but it also knows Pakistan is all battle ready. Even if we desire peace we Pakistanis know how to defend ourselves in wars and this will not be any ordinary war.

So Dear India, let peace prevail, let Kashmir issue be resolved. And make some toilets for your people please.

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