Imran Khan Wants to Make a WhatsApp Group Of Toilets in Pakistan Aur Ye Kya Mazaak Hai?

The first 100 days of Tabdeeli might not be going as one expected – the stock market is crashing, the dollar rate is up again, University of Peshawar students are beaten for protesting and yet no one is commenting on these and similar stories that are alarming as days pass by.

After the threatening episode between India and Pakistan, the real test started for the government where all eyes are on Imran Khan and Co. for making crucial steps and decisions in terms of their foreign relations.

However, while there are graver issues impeding the progress of Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan believes that tourism is less in Pakistan due to the sanitary conditions of the country.

In a Presser, Imran Khan Talked About How to Make Public Toilets In Pakistan Better

PM Khan stated that petrol pumps and CNG stations have been given an order to clean their toilets. Khan then mentioned that outside every toilet, there will be a WhatsApp number where the customers can message and complain about.

As you can read in the caption, Pakistanis believe there are bigger issues to look rather than toilets and tourism.

And He Gave Another Reason For This Action

Listening to This, Pakistanis Were Not Pleased On How Imran Khan Is Focusing On Lesser Important Factors

Criticism Was Raising!


Nobody Seems Pleased With This

However, Imaan Zainab Believes There Is A Positive Outlook Towards This

Well, there are definitely bigger issues than the conditions of public toilets in Pakistan. However, it definitely is an important factor, but let’s say PTI needs to work on prioritizing.

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