German Ambassador Martin Kobler Visited KPK and he Loved it there!

We have seen what happens when a foreigner comes to Pakistan – they are given heavy security, they get the protocol and their stay isn’t highlighted much either due to various reasons. All of this is done not because they are from a foreign land and require special attention – this is due to the prevailing history of Pakistan where people coming from other countries did not feel safe due to terrorist activities.

With the passage of time, the conditions of Pakistan are getting better. We are witnessing the return of international cricket in Pakistan these days as well. With all this happening, another foreign figure visited Pakistan and best of all, he did not require heavy security for this.

German Ambassador Martin Kobler Visited KPK Earlier this Month!

Facebook: Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf

Martin Shared his Experience with Social Media Followers, Communicating in Urdu

He roamed around the province, got a haircut from a local barber and expressed how the city Peshawar is for him.

The KPK Government Incharge PTI also Tweeted how Peace Prevails in the Province, Safe Enough for Others to Roam

Regarding the caption made by KPK, reminds of how once Princess Diana visited Pakistan. She wasn’t the only prominent public figure visiting the lands of our country. There have been a number foreign public figures to set foot in Pakistan.

However, not much of that happens now, unless they are provided with security for their 2 to 3-day stay. The visit of Martin and how he praised about in on social media reflects a positive side of not only KPK but of Pakistan as well.

Hope things like these continue to happen so that Pakistan gets a chance to develop from the negative image which has filled the mindset of the entire world.


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