Infatuation or Love: How Parents Should Deal with the Early Age Relationships of their Teenager Children?

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Teenage is usually considered to be the golden days of human’s life, where one has time to explore their talent within themselves. Unfortunately, our younger generation has been destroying their life by falling in relationships (or in another word; love). Not really, but majorly the outcomes of these early age relationships aren’t in their favor and for some, these (so called) relationships turn out to be a disaster in their lives.

The relationship in this early age is actually fun for most of the teenagers and for few, it’s “love” but for most, it is infatuation. The fun here means that either they want someone to be there just a “best friend” with whom they can spend their time, go for a date or at a cinema for some movie. There are a couple of perceptions we find out in our society that a number of teenagers look for a relationship that leads them towards “sex”.

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It’s all about intentions. There is a number of successful relationship stories where a couple falls in “True Love” at an early age that fortunately turned out to be in their favor. On the other hand, we have also seen cases where true love fades away after some time has passed in the relationship. Many youngsters start losing hope at a very young age and instead of enjoying the beauty of life they end up in a pool of sorrows, grief and unnecessary anxiety. This is where the actual problem starts.

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Imagine, what must be the direct and indirect effects of the trauma and suffering which one has to go through for the aforementioned reasons. A broken heart now looks for a relief or something for peace of mind and heart. This is where they lose control over themselves and get involved with drugs and other habits that eventually affects their personal health, negatively.

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We often hear about teenagers attempting suicide after breaking up with their partners or else they end up losing their self-confidence and in most cases their self-control as well in the process. Not necessarily, but they even start losing their friends. In other words, this directly or indirectly affects their relationships with family, friends, and others. They often end up living in a deep depression. Their behavior not just affects themselves but also the society as a whole.

This is just one side of the story. As mentioned earlier, there are a number of successful cases where people end up in a successful relationship, but these are cases that are very few and quite rare. This is the age where they should concentrate more towards their studies and look for a healthy & successful career. There are numerous solutions. Parents must take good care of their children. They must teach them to concentrate towards their life goals.

Teenagers who get involved in extracurricular activities have no such time for these relationships so they grow with a healthy mind. Educational institutions also play a very important role. They should have these awareness sessions to make sure the youngsters are on the right path. Together, we can make this world a better place to live. Just like all other social issues, we must consider it a major social issue which is and has destroyed thousands of young life.

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