This Guy Was Welcomed By His Family at the Airport in the Most Hilarious Manner!

You know how proud your parents and the entire family is when you are probably the only child who went abroad for education? Yeah, that feeling…when you mom calls the entire city and announces that you got yourself enrolled at a top international university.

Our families are simple and they want to make such achievements quite memorable for us. And sometimes, their efforts in making it memorable go way beyond one’s imagination!

Similar to this is what happened with this guy from Malaysia!

Amiri Akhiar Went Back Home After Completing his Education from University of Manchester

And this is how his family welcome him at the airport!

We’ve all been there, Amiri. We all have been!

And you can see how people around the family at the airport are laughing, seeing how cute Amiri’s family is.

And He Shares More About How He Felt When He Saw This Welcome

Of course, Amiri was not embarrassed and it meant how it was all so much ‘extra’ at the airport…but at the same time, this shows how proud the family was with news of him graduating from such a prestigious university. This is how simple families show how proud they are of their child.

That’s the beautiful thing about family – celebrating such moments in a beautiful manner.

Congratulations, Amiri. Best wishes to you and the family!

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