From Me, To Mom – Pakistan Twitterati Share What Their Mothers Taught Them

On this mother’s day, make your mother feel loved for all that she has given you, make sure you make it special. Pakistani Twitterati do not miss out on such chances, making their voice heard, as always. Under the tag of #FromMeToMom, Twitter users expressed the unconditional love their mothers have given them and vice versa.

The trend focused on what our mothers have taught us in life, their lessons, teachings and the values they have given us to become better human beings altogether. When you start to ponder and think about all these factors for a moment, a million thoughts jump up in your mind.

Here are a few tweets from the awe-inspiring trend.

1. Mothers teach us courage, bravery and the art of never giving up

2. A mother sacrifices everything for her children, unconditional and selfless love at its best

3. Bearing physical and mental pain, mothers teach us how to be good humans

4. The most special bond that exists; definitely between a mother and her child

5. This mothers day, try to make the occasion as special as you can for her

6. There is no better teacher than a mother, no philosopher can match her intellect

7. Not just the ways of life, a mother’s petty tips forever remain unmatched

8. When daughters turn mothers, they realize how tough a job caring for a child is

9. Every time your confidence shattered, there was one person who rebuilt it – your mother

10. Everything you’ve achieved in life so far is only because of your mother

11. The way she has lived leaves an impression on you, whatever you may do

12. A mother teaches us unparalleled valuable lessons, preparing us for a better life

13. Remember, you will always be the most famous person in your mother’s eyes

14. If you take a moment and realize, the reason you’re reading this is because of your mother too

15. And the worst part of it all? Our mothers won’t remain here with us forever


16. If it wasn’t for that regular jutti, your life probably wouldn’t be so secure or blessed

This mother’s day, make your voice heard too, tell your mother how much you love her and all that she has taught you – for they won’t be here forever, sadly, some might not even be here next year. Make it count!

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