Here’s How You Can Give Unlimited Joys To Your Mom This Mother’s Day

Have you ever wondered how much your mother gave away for you? The time she has spent listening to your worries and the same old stories that you kept telling her over and over again, can you ever return it back to her? No, you can not! There is hardly anyone except your mother who takes care of you so selflessly. Remember the way she smiled at us when she was herself going through a storm inside? Though her efforts are countless and we can never pay her back, what we can do is to appreciate her this Mother’s Day by showering her with beautiful gifts and making sure that we bring the same smile back to her face that she’s been striving to see our faces since our childhood.

This Mother’s Day, Sentiments is launching a campaign that focuses on the same things that a mother gives up to fulfill her children’s desires. So use TCS Sentiments to book pleasant surprises for your mother. Now is the time to decorate her face with the bliss she gave to you ever since you came into this world.

Source: Sentiments Express

In order to be a part of the contest what you need to do is super easy and very interesting. You are required to recreate expressions you had when you received you most favorite gift by your mother. The picture with the best expressions is going to be the lucky winner to do FREE shopping on Sentiments Express. Winners will be announced EVERY day and you might be the lucky one!

Sentiments is also offering up to 20% off on Jazz Cash and a Rs. 2500 gift card of Khaadi which can be purchased from the TCS Sentiments page. Also share your special message with us that you have made for your mother and let her find it inside the Tang Bottle. You can even surprise her with a recorded message that she can hear on Mother’s Day (you will receive a call).

Source: Sentiments Express

What you need to do is to click a picture while recreating the happy moments when you received the gift by your mother and share the picture on the TCS Sentiments’ Facebook wall. You must share the entries before May 12th, 2017.

So what are you waiting for? Pull up your socks to participate in the contest and encourage your family and friends too! It is an amazing opportunity to do something special for making your Mother’s Day even more special.

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