McDonald’s Latest Mother’s Day TVC Is Not Something You Would Have Expected

Labon pe us ke bad’dua nahi hoti
Bus ek maa hai jo khafa nahi hoti

Lost in the affairs of the world, drenched in complications, you think it is only you who needs to deal with this pile of problems, all alone. Your head starts to hammer, sweat rolls down your forehead, and when you look up, there is this woman who smiles at you and assures you “sab theek ho jaye ga beta,” (everything will be all right, my child). A mother is a symbol of sacrifice and all the hardships she has faced, and perhaps still do, as she looks after you. No one else has explained it better the way McDonald’s has in their latest TVC on Mother’s Day.

A mother loves you no matter what; a statement that we have always heard in books and stories, and everywhere else. Yet, have we actually learned what it really means? A mother takes care of her children, protects them, provides food for them, and when it is for their happiness, she can sacrifice much of herself as well.

The advertisement is about a disabled worker who was honored as the employee of the month. When people tried to convince his mother to send him to places where “special children” feel comfortable, she was the one who stood up for him and made him who he is today. Delivering speech in front of a gathering, her child has only her to thank. For being pronounced as special is just synonymous to being given a nil value in this society. Unable to accept that fate of her child, she molded it into something that was far much better than what people tried to form.

The McDonald’s TVC goes into depth and conveys to us that a mother is always there for you, no matter what others say. She will always stand by you. Though she may be strict, but her love for you is eternal. She is selflessly doing everything she can for you and never expects anything in return. She is the one who puts all her heart into making you, who you are today. She is the one always helping you achieving your goals.

Mother’s Day might not be convincing for people who believe that mothers should not be given just one day to be appreciated. Nonetheless, this might be an appropriate time to confess your love to her and how much grateful you are to her. McDonald’s has done a marvelous job, and now it is your turn.

McDonald’s has done a marvelous job in conveying its beautiful message. Now it is your turn.


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