This Mother’s Day #MakeMomFeelSpecial with foodpanda

Pakistan’s beloved online food ordering platform, foodpanda, has always been close to the nation’s heart for it enables them to celebrate, share quality time with their loved ones and make memories. This Mother’s Day, when it’s time to celebrate the purest and the most selfless relation of all, foodpanda managed to strike the right chord again with their campaign, #MakeMomFeelSpecial.

The campaign promotes the concept of ‘cherishing mom’ with a heartwarming advertisement. The video shows the life of a struggling writer who has been in search of an inspiring story. Writing and scribbling day night, despite all the painstaking struggle, he fails to derive a super story that could hit upon his audience.

And in an absolute dismay, he looks up to his father as the ultimate mentor to help him identify what he has been missing out on. Right then, an eye opener descends to him and he travels into a whole new world of realization, where he finds his super story.

We’ll let you watch the ad to find out what he realizes. There’s a good chance you’ll want to turn around and cherish the most important thing in your life that sometimes we all overlook.

Now that foodpanda just enlightened us with the fact that a mom’s life is the most inspiring super story. She is indeed the most selfless, the most determined, the strongest support in our lives, who never gives up on us, no matter what the circumstances are – let’s take time this mother’s day to cherish her!

And to do that in the most special way possible, foodpanda is sending lots of love, desserts and complimentary gifts from Olper’s Cream and Olay on orders from restaurants on 13th and 14th of May, bundled up with discounts up to 30%. Foodpanda’s restaurant partners for the campaign include customers’ top favorites like Pantry, Ginsoy, Vintage, Del Frio, Kababjees, Sweet Affairs, Arcadian, Masoom’s, Veranda, Gum Smoke, Tuscany, Cannoli, Shakespeare Lounge and much more.

All you have to do is order in from your favorite restaurants on the Mother’s Day weekend and recall all the golden memories of life with her meanwhile foodpanda will take care of the rest to #MakeMomFeelSpecial.

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