Fahad Mustafa Faces Backlash After Calling Out Tik Tok On Twitter!

Fahad Mustafa Tik Tok

Among other changing digital trends, the excitement of Tik Tok doesn’t seem to fade anytime soon. From celebrities to their admirers, the application is used by many around the globe filling social media with creative content for the user. However, currently, Pakistani actor Fahad Mustafa has become the latest victim of online criticism after calling the Tik Tok ‘bullshit’ and ‘not healthy’.

Actor Fahad Mustafa trolled online after calling Tik Tok ‘bullshit’!

Undoubtedly, the entertaining site has gained massive popularity since its inception and currently has a community of millions. Similarly, Tik Tok also became the most downloaded application of 2019 in Pakistan but some minds seem to identify the issue. As of now, Fahad Mustafa is facing backlash after critically calling out Tik Tok and urging the parents to keep their children away from it.

Check out what the actor posted on Twitter!

Apparently, the actor took to his official Twitter to aware people of the addicting consequences for the young generation. With the hashtag #DoSomethingProductive, Fahad Mustafa wrote, “To All the parents out there plz keep your kids away from this Tik Tok bullshit it’s not healthy. The entire nation is busy doing nothing”.

Pakistanis react to Fahad Mustafa’s take on Tik Tok!

Eventually, Fahad Mustafa’s concerns went in vain as Pakistanis started questioning his lip-syncing videos circulating on the internet. Well, soon after the post went up, Twitter users started bashing and trolling the “Na Maloom Afraad” star. Comparing Fahad Mustafa’s take with his hit game show “Jeeto Pakistan”, the reactions pouring in are not much appreciative.

This is actually hilarious!

Well, can’t ignore that!

Here you go!

Aisay kaisay?

And here comes a die-hard fan!

Time for something positive, maybe?

Fahad Mustafa’s stand against Tik Tok after the demise of a teenager in Sialkot!

Considered to be the highest-rated game show of the country, “Jeeto Pakistan” is seen facing criticism from time to time. However, Fahad Mustafa thought it necessary after a recent horrific incident that occurred in Pakistan’s Sialkot city. As per news reports, earlier, a 16-year-old teenager was recently shot dead in Sialkot while trying to make an impactful Tik Tok video.

The incident sure rang a bell in many minds but maybe, Fahad Mustafa was hurt enough that he couldn’t resist making others aware. There’s no doubt that Tik Tok is not just an application but a side career for many all across the world. Anyways, our heart and condolences for the victim’s family and gratitude for Fahad Mustafa to point out the major concern regarding the application.

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