Filmmaker Jami Accuses Media Tycoon For Alleged Rape!

Jami Hameed Haroon

Filmmaker Jami made headlines two months back regarding a shocking claim that he made. Without revealing any name he stated that he was ‘brutally raped’ by a renown name in the media industry nearly 13 years ago. What started as Jami declaring his staunch support for the #metoo movement, turned into a confessional thread on Twitter. Now, fast forward to December, Jami finally comes forth and drops a big name.

Jami alleged being raped by a CEO of a popular media company.

Jami is known for being unapologetically vocal and openly calling spade a spade. After revealing about his painful past, many served their verdicts; some sympathized, some remained cynical and other outright chose insensitivity over empathy.

Still, the backlash didn’t hinder him in revealing the culprit behind the abuse he suffered many years ago. Not only did he mentioned the name on Twitter, but also provoked the respective media company to post about it, if they dare.

Hameed Haroon is named the man behind Jami’s scarring past.

Jami has taken a big step naming such a renown and powerful personality, knowing well how fragile the justice system is within Pakistan. Yet, he gathered the courage to finally let go of the long-held secret understanding of the possible repercussions that he might face.

Rape victims choose to stay within the closets, slowly suffering and suffocating while the criminals roam freely without so much as a scratch in their lives. Pakistan’s law has always been too premature to handle these cases with professionalism and unbiasness. Female victims have suffered largely at the hands of the hypocrite justice that is only served to the powerful and influential.

However, as much as there is no denying or invalidation of Jami’s claims of having being raped; but, there is also a possibility of uncertainty within his allegations. Nonetheless, no one deserves to go through such a horrific incident, be it a man, woman or a child.

Jami’s revelation has brought many supporters that want justice for the acclaimed filmmaker. Not only they are shocked but are expressing disappointment at the mute and selected journalism of Pakistan; which does not want to cover the name of a media and publication giant in their headlines.

Moreover, the journos of the company Hameed Haroon is associated with are also under heavy fire. As the publication house hasn’t released any coverage over Jami’s revelation.

“They are part of the game” pointed Jami.

Game or not, this has converted into a messy situation that has yet to be investigated. Whether the matter will be taken to court or the matter will come to a standstill, as many rape-cases have – is yet to unfold.

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