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TikTok Is Not Just Another App Now, It’s A Side Career

Pakistanis love entertainment and currently, the most trending entertainment is the short video app named TikTok. The short video making app is where people are super enthusiastic about expressing themselves through acting, or singing, or even comedy. People of all ages are enjoying it. Even if they don’t make TikTok videos themselves, they sure love watching them.

People using the app make entertaining 15 to 60-sec clips – acting on songs, dialogues or even duets of their own. If you ever had the spark of acting inside you, TikTok is here to help it grow.

Shockingly enough according to Fortune, TikTok is the most downloaded app with 950 million downloads from when it was first launched 2 years ago.


Creators With Millions Of Followers

If you’re thinking TikTok is just another app with no productive outcome well here’s the news for you. It is not just another app, it’s becoming a side career now. The short video creators are making creative videos using the advanced features of the app and are rising to stardom.

Back in old times, it took years of struggle to get yourself a platform where you could prove your talent. But all you need to do now is to download an app, make some videos, get as creative as you can and voila. You have your own list of fans. Some of the top TikTok celebs have more followers than Bruno Mars and Ariana Grande.





If you’ve seen your friend making TikTok videos, who knows he/she might be a low-key celebrity.


How Does The App Work

This app allows you to use a number of features to make your video creative. You can record your video on your phone and edit it via TikTok short video app or you can directly record a video using the app. You can also start a challenge using a hashtag for it and make it go viral.

People would like your video if it’s more creative. The more likes your video gets, the more chances you have to be in the popular videos stream. It would eventually lead you to a million followers someday.

The app provides unique features like recording a slow-mo or fast-forward, use different video stickers, add effects, do a duet using a split frame. There are tons of things you can do with this app to make your video creative and catchy. Some of the people make hilarious use of these features too.

Some of the people make hilarious use of these features


Dialogues from Pakistani game shows, TV dramas and viral videos have been used in celebrities’ TikTok videos across the border.


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But do note that TikTok doesn’t tolerate inappropriate content, so do make sure that you maintain the positive community environment no matter what videos you post!

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TikTok Is Becoming A Side Career And People Are Making Money Out Of It

TikTok celebrities who get millions of followers become popular on social media and gain recognition. Then different brands associated with youth hire them for their publicity as the stars have an influence on the creators. Another possibility is that you can even start your own brand using your fame as Loren Grey did.

Some Pakistani young creators who have a huge fanbase:





Even Famous Pakistani Celebrities Are Tuning Into Tik Tok

Not just can you use this app to become famous but also retain fame. This is evident from the fact that celebrities around the world are tuning into this app and making their own little creative pieces. To either stay in the limelight or for their own entertainment.

The Pakistani celebrities who have a huge number of fan following on TikTok are Mathira, Zhalay, Suzaine Fatima, Anum Asad, Yasir Hussain, Momina Mustehsan, Sana Fakhar, Kubra Khan, and Sanam Baloch.

In short, if you’re consistent on TikTok and manage to make some really creative videos, it is going to get you somewhere for sure.

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