Don’t Quit On Your Dreams, Simply Have Faith In Yourself And Allah!

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It often happens that we give up… We give up on ourselves. We give up on our ideas, on our dreams, on our beliefs. We give up on the aims and goals that once defined our life. We give ourselves lame excuses, we create obstacles in our mind and we lose hope. We stop trying, we stop working hard and we give up. We lose even before the fight is over. We give up. We believe that it’s not possible to achieve our goals. We give up on our dreams that were once the center of our lives that once meant everything to us and that defined us.

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Why Do We Give Up?

But why do we give up?  We give up because we think it’s too hard, or maybe that we cannot do it. That it’s impossible and it cannot be achieved. But why? Why did we lose hope? Why? Because we failed after trying so many times.

You Can Do Anything

So did you come this far just to quit and just to leave everything and live the same miserable life? NO! You have the power, ability, skills to create a transformation to achieve your dreams and to get what you want.

If you don’t know something, learn it. Ask people for help if you have to. Everything is possible if you put your mind to it.

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Failure And Success Go Hand In Hand

My dear friends, don’t quit, don’t give up on the things you want; whether it is related to anything personal, professional, technical or something else in life. Because if you quit, you waste all the hard work and effort that you and others did till now. By quitting, you guarantee failure whereas by trying, you guarantee success. You will fail n-1 times but you will succeed the nth time.

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So forget everything, forget the past, the failures. Remember all the times you tried, remember the hard work, the dedication the commitment and go for it again with all you have got.

No Room For Excuses

Stop making excuses, stop letting all those negative thoughts to your mind. Tell your mind that you can do it and you will do it. Use your power, mind, body, abilities and put in a little effort. DON’T QUIT IT, ACHIEVE IT!

Let me tell you, you can get everything you want with Allah’s help. Whatever we get is a result of two things, hard work, and Allah’s help. Without HIS help we cannot achieve anything and He helps those who help themselves. So put your faith, trust, and belief in Him and work honestly everything will be possible. Allah says whoever trusts Him, He is sufficient for them.

So put your complete trust in Allah. Trust Him and don’t be worried, tell yourself positive things and simply work hard. He will make everything possible for you.

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