Here Are Some Spiritual Steps Towards Taubah You Need to Know About

The Islamic concept of taubah entails to repenting to Allah for the misdeeds and sins Muslims make. Taubah has said to been a matter between the individual and Allah – without any intercession whatsoever. Taubah is also the way of showing faith and devotion towards Allah and the religion.

Taubah is that act in which the individual who left Allah behind and committed a foul act returns to Him to fulfill His command. The is a restitution needed and that is the act of repentance, known as taubah.

In Case You Are Finding It Difficult to Move Towards Taubah, Here Are Some Acts To Keep In Mind:

1. Feeling Sorrow

The first step is to realize and recognize that you have committed a mistake or a sin that goes against Allah and Islam. Not will that make you feel guilty for disobeying His commands, but will also fill you with sorrow and then the understanding of how to make it right.

The Godly sorrow is way different than what you feel in terms of the worldly sorrow. Make sure you understand the difference between the two, because in Godly sorrow, you will never feel like making the same mistake again.

 2. Confess to Allah

Another thing which is really important is how you acknowledge and confess your sins to Allah and ask for forgiveness. There are sins that need to be confessed to Allah, and no one else. Prayer and making dua is the best way to ask for taubah.

3. Make Restitution

There are ways to make the wrong things right and that needs to be an important thing when it comes to asking for taubah. Committing a sin can lead to spiritual, emotional, mental and physical damage that is very difficult in order to rectify. If you are unable to fix the problem through your actions, then ask for forgiveness from those who you have done wrong with.
Your actions can lead to serious changes in your relation with Him and yourself. May Allah guide us all to the right track, Ameen.


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