WATCH: A Runaway Cow Meets A Tragic End After Colliding With A Car In Rawalpindi

cow car accident

The excitement of just a few days left in Bakra Eid is making everyone feel excited. As a matter of fact, the Bakra Eid shenanigans are hitting full force. However, it is important for all of us to understand that sacrificial animals must be dealt with a lot of care to prevent any accident of cow with a car. Hence, throwing caution to the wind isn’t quite the best way to look after animals.

A similar, yet tragic incident took place at Rawalpindi’s Chauhar Chowk, where an angered and uncontrolled cow tried to run free from its owner, and during this entire havoc, lost its life in a car accident. The poor confused animal collided with a speeding car coming from the opposite direction and died on the spot. The driver is badly injured, but we hope that he may recover soon.

The car is also in raggedy shambles as the cow collided into it. In addition, recent reports suggest the man in the vehicle was also speeding; which is why he couldn’t control the brakes of his car and the accident took place.

The entire incident is something that truly makes us feel heartbroken and hurt over how this poor animal was treated and how it lost its life.

Irresponsibility towards animal care or more!

Every year we see how children and people abuse their sacrificial animals by making them run, pulling their ropes, and anxiously agitating them for just mere fun.

At the moment all we can think of is how will both parties compensate for the matter. Provided the fact that Eid is just a day away in Pakistan, how is the party that lost their sacrificial animal compensate and vice-versa.

This isn’t the first time irresponsibility towards the management of sacrificial animal is being witnessed. In fact, just a few days back, we saw a goat who almost became a meal for stray dogs. 

Gepostet von Nasir Shahid Ali am Donnerstag, 30. Juli 2020

The main purpose of Bakra Eid is to remember the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S.) and Prophet Ismail (A.S.), however, in the direction that we are headed God knows what might we do next. As a matter of fact, animal abuse is becoming a day to day norm of our society.

All we can hope for is that people can now be careful with their sacrificial animals including cows to prevent any car accident. We also hope that everyone has a blessed and beautiful Bakra Eid 2020.

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