CCTV Camera Catches Another Molvi Trying To Abuse A 12-Year-Old Boy In Sindh

cctv molvi abuse boy

WARNING: Some viewers may find details in the following story disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

Madrasa teaching is one of the most common concepts in Pakistan. The Islamic ideology even sheds light on the concept of madrasa institutions for education and learning. However, it is truly saddening to see how some unchecked Pakistan’s madrasas are becoming a place of harassment, abuse, and child molestation. A devastating incident took place in a madrasa located in Kandiaro, Naushahro Feroze, Sindh. A CCTV camera footage shows a local molvi trying to molest and abuse a poor 12-year-old boy.

The man has been identified as Qari Mohammad Abbas. In addition to that, sadly, this sick-minded man has escaped from the police and is now gone missing.

It is completely shocking to see how sick-minded people are living in this society and keep on violating and disrupting the sanctity of an institution, for the sake of what? A repulsive form of pleasure?

The molester, molvi is now being searched by the police and has eventually escaped from Sindh after he abuse the little boy and the CCTV footage got leaked, while arrest warrants are out for him all over Sindh.

Twitterati appeals for a strict regulation!

Albeit, the news of this horrifying incident has taken the social media by a storm, people are coming out in defense of the 12-year-old boy whose name and identification is being kept under the wraps for the sake of protecting him.

Many people are appealing to the government and non-profit organizations to take strict action regarding madrasas. As a matter of fact, the need for legal actions regarding such cases is of due importance.

Twitterati demands regulation on madrasas

In addition, some are even using this situation rectify, that instead of such apprehension and disgust over Saba Qamar and Bilal Saeed’s alleged dance; perhaps actual attention should be regarded towards these matters. It is important to understand put focus on these social issues as they continuously deprive people of their lives and their identity.

However, we wonder whether people would create hype and sign petitions for this matter also. Or, is the life of an abuse victim not worthy of much attention?

Simultaneously, we also get to see the irony of the situation; where one single shot for a film is being condemned.But an entire case of molestation and child abuse is not receiving the light it must.

Do abusers ever feel guilt over their actions?

Although, as deplorable and disturbing the situation gets, this isn’t the first time such horrifying incidents have come up and hampered the peace of mind of innocent lives. Do we wonder if they ever think? Do these abusers feel guilt over their actions? Overall, is the fear of Allah not mattering to them at all?

However, just a while back, another case of harassment and abuse shook us to the core, as a Qari threw acid on his students for not keeping quiet about his assault! For instance, even if these incidents keep up on the rise; how do we ever think of moving ahead in the future?

In a nutshell, all we can hope for is that a legal notice is taken regarding the matter and such people with sick mentalities stop causing harm to society.

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