Saba Qamar & Bilal Saeed In Hot Water For Allegedly Shooting Music Video In Mosque!

saba qamar bilal saeed mosque

The news of actress Saba Qamar collaborating with singer Bilal Saeed made us all feel giddy with excitement. Especially, how Qamar had given us goosebumps with the Qubool Hai pictures. However, things went downhill, with a minor flaw where both the stars were negligent enough to shoot a music video inside Wazir Khan mosque in Lahore.

The minute the video of the duo allegedly dancing in a mosque hit social media people are feeling both hurt and angered. Recent reports suggest that the shooting of Qamar and Saeed’s latest song Qubool, took place in the Wazir Khan mosque.

In addition, Qamar even managed to make a TikTok video with Saeed where she was allegedly dancing. Now people are questioning the management of the Wazir Khan mosque and also the integrity of Qamar and Saeed.

Twitteraties are going crazy over viral video!

In fact, many are even requesting for a strict action to be taken regarding the matter.

A lot of people are calling out the Punjab government to take strict action on the matter and to straighten all those that are involved in the situation.

The reason why people are finding this as extremely offensive is because of how it violates the sanctity of such a sacred institution for Muslims.

Simultaneously, people also think that this viral video demoralizes the Pakistani culture. Hence, both stars must apologize for their immoral act.

We hope that the situation resolves soon. Saba Qamar is known for her bold and brave roles throughout the entertainment industry. She is without a doubt a brilliant actress and artist. Hence, we hope that there is more to the story than what is pertaining at the moment.

In the end, nothing can be said at the very moment of how the entire situation is going to shape up. Qamar herself is one of the honorary award holders of Pakistan; which is why Pakistanis hope that she wouldn’t let us down.


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