APS Judicial Commission Report Is Out – Declares Security Negligence Responsible For 2014 Massacre

APS report security 2014 massacre

The sad incident of Army Public School (APS) is hard to forget. Recently, on the orders of the Supreme Court, APS judicial commission report has been made public and the details are disturbing as it declares security negligence in the 2014 massacre.

On Dec 16, 2014, six terrorists affiliated with the banned Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan carried out the horrific attack on the school and killed 132 innocent students and 17 staff members.

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As per the report, the attack on APS was the failure of security. It also raised questions on the security of the school. Despite threats, the low number of security guards and non-deployment in the right places are responsible for the damage. Furthermore, the commission punished officers and soldiers of the unit deployed for security over their sheer negligence.

Additionally, the reports said the security guards were stagnant during the attack. Moreover, the terrorists entered from behind the school without any resistance, and the terrorists’ plan succeeded.

According to the report, terrorists from Afghanistan may have entered in the form of refugees. Locals facilitated the terrorists. No agency can fight the enemy if they have traitors among them. Hence, it is an unforgivable crime. Such traitors and locals have committed an unpardonable crime.

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Besides, the report also said that the security personnel on patrol moved towards the vehicle set on fire by the terrorists, the fire was set to deceive the security personnel. However, another vehicle or personnel reached the target and eliminated 5 terrorists.

The report added that NACTA had issued a general alert for attacks on military bases, officials, and their families.

Supreme Court had ordered to publicized the judicial commission report

It is to be noted that the Supreme Court had ordered to make public the report of the Judicial Commission on the tragedy of APS which shows the security negligence in the 2014 massacre and also the comments on the report of the Attorney General.

Chief Justice of Pakistan, Justice Gulzar Ahmed said it was “a tragedy” that the burden was shifted only to the junior officers and those at lower positions held responsible, while the ones at the higher rank are not asked.

“This tradition should end,” Justice Ahmed stated. “The government should take action in order to ensure that such incidents do not happen.”

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“Those who wanted to achieve the goal achieved it,” the CJP continued. “The security agencies should have been aware of this conspiracy.

“People are not safe even in such high-security zones. How did such a big security lapse occur? What’s the point of such high security when people still are not safe,” the top judge questioned.

Addressing the AGP, CJP said, “Listen to what these affected [parents] wish for. You need to start sentencing in a top-down manner.” Justice Ijazul Ahsan termed the APS incident “the grief of the entire nation.”

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