After The Heavy Rain in Lahore, Pakistanis Are Roasting “Showbaz” Sharif For Turning Lahore From “Paris To Venice”

So every year, the monsoon season is the most awaited season for people of all age! In Pakistan, it is the most beautiful and lovely in parts of the country where it’s lush green and over the coast. The rain makes everything seem beautiful in Pakistan! But to enjoy the blessings and beauty of nature you still would need technicalities to be fine, while you are experiencing a good time. By the likes of it and being a sacha Pakistani, you would get the scenario we are talking about. Imagine! You are enjoying pakoray and chai at home and getting fully drenched in rain with kids, only to wake up next day with your house street flooded with water. Bummer!

This still seems an understatement. Let’s edit the situation. You wake up next morning to see your street flooded along with your car. Beat that! Now for this chaos, in Lahore, Shehbaz Shrif is being badly trolled on Twitter!

In a situation like this, you would need a proper system to run. Par Lahore toh phir Lahore hai…

Allah mian ki shan hai! The PML-N has left the authority just 25 days back!

Everyone knows what Lahore is looking like. People are requesting Careem to have boats

Now the cherry on top is that Mr. Shehbaz Sharif has denied all the claims which state that the party is not to be blame for the negligence.

He said:

We are not responsible for the heavy rain in the metropolis as his government’s tenure had ended a month ago.

After the Mall road incident, now introducing, vertical parking!

Dolphin forces on the goooo

Damn! That looks very dangerous

Should Lahore be listed for epic cosmetic surgery fail??

Over very own Niagra falls

Shehbaz Sharif is seen always comparing Lahore with Paris but people are saying that it should have been compared with Venice since cars are left useless on the beautifully flooded roads of Lahore. No cars, boats only! 😉

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