9 Things You Will Understand If You Live Away From Home

If you live away from home for any reason, we’re sure you can relate to these things that make you miss home . . .

1. Food Problems

 Now that you are stuck with ‘halal’ chinese take out only, you miss the oily nihari and daal chawaal


2. Laundry On Weekends

As much as you’d want to be as carefree as this


You don’t because you can imagine yourself in the near future



3. Money Management

Either you save like a pro or spend like a pro

when you see your credit card bill, you will be like…

4. Khandaan Ki Izaat Lecture OR

“Koi aisa waisey kaam nai kerna”

5. Parhlo

“Haram ka paisa nai hai, parhai pey dehaan dey dena aur focused rehna” and you focus alright! Just not on what they said…

6. Missing Skype Sessions/ Calls

Kahan they? Kya ker raey they? Waisey hi week mein 1 din time detey ho ab woh bhi zyada lag raa hai? Shakal bhi nai dekhatey/dekhati ab tou

7. Long Distance Relationships

“Jaldi wapis aajao I miss you”

so the goodbyes be like. . .

8. Getting Sick Abroad Sucks

“Aur kero partyian. Yehi hona tha. Ab kya ho gaa? Khala key ghar chaley jao/ chali jao” but you will still have to work and won’t get to show anyone your tantrums. Sucks doesn’t it?

9. But Whenever You Visit Back Home . . .

You with your siblings

With Your Girlfriend

With Your Best Friends

With Your Dad

And With Your Mom

So while living abroad has its perks, there are certain things that will eventually make you home-sick no matter how much you deny them!

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