9 Ways To Spot A Desi Abroad

The easiest thing to do in this world is to spot a Pakistani abroad…

1. They Will Always Carry An Additional Suitcase Filled With Gifts For Relatives


2. They Will Collect As Many Airline Kits As Possible


3. They Will Be Loaded With Almost All Types Of OTC Medicines


4. Their Whole Family Will Come To The Airport To See Them Off/ Receive Them!

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5. They Will Always Convert Their Bill In To Rupees


6. They Will Photograph Everything!

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7. They Will Behave As If The World Is On A Mission To Make Them Have ‘Haram’ Food

desis abroad

8. Always Trying To Spot A Desi Restaurant/ Food Cart


9. They Will Always Pause For A While Whenever They See A Couple Getting Physical



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