Karachi’s Roundabout Enlisted As One Of The Best In The World

Below is the list of the top 12 roundabouts chosenn from all over the world by the Roundabout Appreciation Society (yes, it’s a thing!). One of Pakistan’s roundabouts made it to the list.

1. The Winning ‘Railway Roundabout In Hobart, Tasmania’

It features a colour-changing space-age fountain

2. ‘Morbier Giant Cheese And Grandfather Clock Roundabout’ In France

3. ‘Duck Pond Roundabout’ In Otford, Kent, UK

 It has a listed duck pond in the centre

4. ‘Dancing Dolphin Roundabout’ In Pataya, Thailand

dolphins dance in the fountain and red and green flowers encircle the roundabout

5. ‘Swimming Dolphins Roundabout’ In Algarve, Portugal

6. The Angel of Independence roundabout in Mexico City

This roundabout has an 118ft victory column in the centre

7. The ‘Mosque Replica Roundabout’ in Karachi, Pakistan

This visually appealing and culturally rich roundabout located at Bahdurabad, Karachi

8. ‘Chavez Roundabout’ in Managua, Venzuela

It features the image of former president Hugo Rafael Chavez

9. Sculpture Roundabout In Switzerland

 An entwined sculpture on a grassy mound in the mountains

10. ‘Flower And Fountain Roundabout’ In Indiana, USA

 A double kerber roundabout with ornate fountain and flowers

  11. ‘Sekigata Roundabout’ In Shizuoka, Japan

One of the few in the country

12. The ‘Pearl Roundabout’ in Manama, Bahrain

It was destroyed by the government in 2011


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