6 Mental Disorders You Might Be Suffering From!

There’s a label attached to any psychological problem in Pakistan; that of a “pagal”. There’s a need to understand that mental health is on a spectrum; that even supposedly menial issues like anxiety, or difficulty with social interaction, can also be psychological problems.

Here’s a list of psychological disorders that people don’t usually pay too much attention to. You might as well have one of them!

1. Misophonia

It’s the condition of being angered by specific sounds. Have you ever felt frustrated and angered by the sound of someone else chewing? Yep, you may just be there. People suffering from misophonia have an increased sensitivity to certain noises, and may feel negative emotions when they hear these noises.

Alarm bells, anyone? (No pun intended)


Source: slate.com

2. Aboulomania

Intense feelings of indecision; this is what Aboulomania is all about. An individual suffering from Aboulomania has extreme difficulty making a decision when certain choices present themselves, so much so that their normal functioning is disrupted by this indecision.

Do I do this? Or this?

Sounds familiar?


S0urce: salon.com

3. Caffeine Induced Anxiety Disorder

If perpetual anxiety has become routine, time to reassess your tea and coffee intake. Caffeine is believed to induce anxiety, and as a nation, we binge on tea and coffee. That essentially means that most of us are experiencing high levels of anxiety at any given time!

Source: woman.thenest.com

4. Erotomania

Harboring the delusion that someone is in love with you.

Let that sink in.

On a more serious note though, its often someone with a higher status, and can even be a celebrity.

So the next time you imagine ending up with Jennifer Lawrence or David Beckham, think again.


Source: blogspot.com

5. Autophagia

Autophagia is the condition whereby starts eating parts of himself. Now before you think, “I OBVIOUSLY can’t be suffering from that!”, understand that many known cases began with nail biting. Yes. So the next time you chew on your nails to combat anxiety, or otherwise, you know you have to stop.


Source: flickr.com

6. Taijin Kyofusho

The condition is believed to be more common in Japan for some reason, but it involves an intense fear of social interaction. The person suffering from Taijin Kyofusho will think of every possible thing that could go wrong, such as doing or saying something inappropriate, or not looking presentable enough.

Again, sounds familiar, anyone?


Source: steveseay.com

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