10 favorite quotes of every teacher!

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Growing makes you realizes how those days you used to hate were probably the best phases of life. School in undoubtedly one of them!

The first things that comes to my mind when I think of my school is my match teacher who probably gave me hell for not comprehending the need of algebra in my life but turned my life around when I pushed harder to learn the complexities of academic life. They definitely got us grades and knowledge but those class lectures and daily interaction has a lot more stored in them. The math teacher taught me how to face the hard things in life as it always is not a piece of your favorite chocolate fudge cake. What would we ever do without them and their favorite phrases which still sound fresh in our ears?

Here are a few one liners to send you down the memory lane. Here is to that complicated relationship we need to cherish more:

 1. Did I walk into a fish market today?


2. How did you forget to do your assignment? Khana khaana bhi bhool jatay ho?

giphy (11)

3. Do you think I am fool? I also was a student once.


Please refrain from answering this question.

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4. I can’t hear you, speak loudly! Class kay bahir tou bohat boltay ho.42

5. Iss liye school aatay ho? Yeh parhai ki jagah hai.


6. Look at me, I am talking to you.


7. This is the worst class I have ever taught.


8. What are you laughing about? Share the joke with the entire class.


9. Be attentive for a while, I will let you go early.




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