World Teacher’s Day – A Salute To All Our Mentors And Instructors!

world teacher's day

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World teacher’s day is an annual day celebrated for the recognition and appreciation of teachers. It is a special day acknowledged across the globe during which teachers are thanked for their great services.

The celebration of teacher’s day started in 1994 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Teaching is not just a job that one does for salary or vacation perks; it’s a huge responsibility that lays on the teachers’ shoulders.

They are the ones who have to turn the imaginary thoughts of children into reality; likewise, fill their brain with lots of creative ideas and make them mentally as well as physically strong.

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Furthermore, it is the educators who groom an individual’s personality and encourage them towards humanity; teachers explain to their students how to differentiate between right and wrong.

There is no doubt that a tutor is like a gardener; they provide their student with seedlings in the form of learning, knowledge, counseling and everything else that they need in order to grow and flourish.

An instructor’s main aim is to help a learner so that they can function effectively and independently. Nonetheless, to give special attention to each and every pupil as per for a teacher, all students are equally precious.

Moreover, everyone knows that mentors spend countless hours in refining students’ futures.

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Consequently, it is due to their efforts that the world is blessed with well-known writers, doctors, engineers, lawyers, and soldiers. One of the top-most duties of teachers is to take care of the security and safety of their students. During the attack on the Army Public School in Peshawar on 16 December 2014, many teachers sacrificed their lives to protect their students.

Moreover, our history contains many such occurrences where teachers have played their role courageously and with incredibly heroic spirit.

How about we celebrate Teacher’s day differently this year? Let’s use social media platforms and share our pictures with our teachers and send some flowers and messages to them.

If it’s possible for you, do meet your teachers; make them realize that they are special to you and celebrate this auspicious occasion with great zeal, enthusiasm and excitement while being thankful to them for everything that they have provided you with.

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