10 Amazing Gadgets You Need For Your Kitchen This Eid!

Cooking your own food allows you to know exactly what you’re putting into your body. It’s easier to cut down on the calories and fats when you have control over what ingredients you are using in the kitchen.

Summer Vacations and Ramadan together means the problematic time has arrived for people at home! To make their work easier, we’ve brought together some gadgets for your kitchen which surely help the newbie chef, and professional chef!

1. French Fries Cutter

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Iftar is incomplete without a platter of crispy fries with mayonnaise, ketchup, and chat masala on top. The peeling and cutting of potatoes is a tedious task for any chef. Go smooth with the cutter, just place the potato, press and here we go for frying!

2. Ice Snow Maker

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Serving a refreshing and chilled drink, when guests arrive suddenly, is no longer impossible. Not only cool down your sharbats instantly, but to make gola-ganda (ice-ball) as well.

3. Revolving 12 Jars Spice Pack


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Your mum says, “Pass me the salt, red chilies, cumin and yes the chilies flakes now”, and you have no idea where any of these are. Be efficient at following those orders with this revolving rack for 12 jars, so you can effortlessly fix the whole thing.

4. Vegetable Chopper


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The daily intake of diet conscious people includes salad on priority basis. For them, speed up the process of making it by a vegetable chopper. Instead of cutting by knife which is obviously time-consuming with imperfections everywhere. choose the best for your vegetables.

5. Instant Cookie Maker

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Source: magazin-reduceri.com

Baking is simply an art. Enhance your creativity with this cookie maker to get the flawless results. No more handmade cookies are required. Simply add the ingredients and the cookie dough emerges at the other end.

6. Manual Skin Peeler


Source: victorio.info

Peeling the fruits and vegetables with knife often harms your hands. Unwrap them now using a manual peeler safely and without a glitch

7. Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Mill

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Source: www.kaymu.pk

Remove your old salt shaker and pepper crusher with new ones. Grind fresh pepper or salt with the press of your thumb instantly when you need to use. Sprinkle on your fruit chat, omelets or french fries. Enjoy!

8. Tomato Slicer


Source: optoveek.ru

Décor the top of any food with dices of the soft tomatoes carved on the tomato slicer. The most annoying work will now be the easiest so just go ahead.

9. Finger Guard


Source: www.funtime.ge

True success in the kitchen depends on speed and comfort, and this finger guard could provide them both. Just slip it on the middle finger and the wide stainless steel plate would shelter your fingers while you chop the ingredients for your cooking.

10. Samosa Cooker

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Source: www.daraz.pk

Exhausted of eating greasy and weirdly shaped samosas? Try this! The best partner for your delicious samosas. The non-stick material has a comfortable holder design for safe handling while cooking.

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