Mann Mayal: Is Salah-ud-Din Going To Die?

After grabbing attention and love of widespread audiences from episode one, Mann Mayal is going to end soon. The viewers cum predictors are talking on social media about the last episode.

Eventually, the most probable end is “Death of Salah ud Din” (as he has no right to be alive till the end!). Hamza Ali Abbasi has played two to three roles but whether it is on TV or in film, his character died in the end, always. See how these fortunetellers on Twitter are making cute guesses… And are hopeful with the last episode.

Some are totally sure!

Some are perplexed…

Still careful about Mannu

Mar Jana he behtar hai…

Here is the full story!

Will the wildest dream come true or not?

Qasm hai jo ainda…

Fittay mun tuwada!!

The best sum up of whole piece!


 Caring Salah ud Din

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