A Young Newly-Wed Bride, Aleeza Was Tortured To Death By Her In-Laws In Lahore And This Is Brutal!

Bride killed in Lahore

In Pakistan, a woman is not safe, not even at a place she calls home. The news of a young, bride’s death tugs at heart. Nobody could be cruel enough to not feel the pain.

But what is more disgusting is the young girl Aleeza was killed at the hand of the inlaws. She was strangled to death by her husband and In-laws over a domestic issue in Lahore on Saturday.

bride killed in Lahore

This is not the only case where killing someone was that easy, A Young Transgender Was Killed By Her Father In The Name Of Honor And Our Society Needs To Accept Them!

Abusing the Daughter in-laws is the norm across the country:

However disgusting this may sound but this is the truth for many families across Pakistan. Daughter in-laws are treated with so much cruelity in the Susral. Why was this girl killed? For this particular case, the reason is not known yet. It could be anything from cooking bad food to not bringing enough Jahez. There are many women who suffer verbal abuse every now and then but as they dont have any physical marks so it goes unregistered.

Aleeza was brutally killed by her husband:

According to sources, Aleeza got married to her cousin three days back. The groom was forced into this marriage and he wasn’t happy about it. And this leads to him strangling to death. The coward guy couldn’t stand up in front of his family to stop this marriage from happening. But of course, killing an innocent soul was easier for him.

Bride killed in Lahore

The poor girl is gone and the killers are roaming free. Aleeza’s father said the inlaws told him their daughter suffered a cardiac arrest. They sent her body in a car to her parent’s house.

It wasn’t until her body was taken home, where her grieving parents found bruises on her neck. To kill a wife a bahu is as easy as that. Can you imagine what the poor girl must have gone through? How alone she must have felt.

This is really heart-wrenching, and we hope the culprits get caught and are punished for the murder of an innocent girl. Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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