A Young Transgender Was Killed By Her Father In The Name Of Honor And Our Society Needs To Accept them!

A Young Transgender Was Killed By Her Father In The Name Of Honor And Our Society Needs To Accept them!

Another day, another case of honor killing. As a society when are we going to understand that every human no matter what their sexual orientation be, deserves a worthy place in this world. When are we going to stop taking someone’s life just because he/she is different from us? If you think that killing someone will save your filthy honor than you are more dangerous to this place. It is a really heart-breaking sight to see a human killing another human to satisfy his own cold-blooded conscience.

Humans are considered to be superior over other species on this planet and what are we even doing with each other? We have lost so many precious lives just because we can’t cope up with the differences others bear. And this honor killing aspect is the most ignorant approach to satisfy your inner demons. We need to understand that “NO HONOR CAN BE SAVED BY TAKING A HUMAN LIFE”.


Recently, a post went viral over the internet and people can’t stop blaming the misconceptions prevailing in our society. A transgender girl from Pakistan’s Nowshera area was allegedly killed by her own father over honor. The local police already had a written letter in which the father had stated that he will be responsible for any harm caused to his daughter at home. Still, the police didn’t take the matter seriously.

This post on Twitter caught everyone’s attention!

According to Transgender Rights Alliance, the girl was with the Peshawar Police last night but was then handed over to the father against her will. After the innocent life was lost, the police woke up and arrested the father whose honor actually died the moment he killed his daughter. The police’s irresponsible attitude is equally involved in the girl’s murder because if the police were active before maybe she would have been alive.

Various cases related to honor killing have been reported in the past too and is still a problem in our so-called progressing society. We easily ignore our biggest flaws but can’t accept any change in others. A good education can evolve this messed up thinking but the illiteracy rate in Pakistan is going up day by day. Let’s just try that we as a society start accepting our own flaws before judging others.

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