White House vs Trump Tower: No Comparison At All

After winning the US Presidential Elections 2016, everyone is looking forward to Donald Trump’s next move. His next destination – White House. But wait? What about the Trump Tower? According to his fellows, he is a homebody. During the hectic schedules of election campaigning, he always tried his best to sleep on his bed for which he sometimes flew 3-4 hours. Now, when after a few days Donald Trump is moving from his Tower, has he started packing bags? Or would he try to turn his Trump Tower into The White House? God knows!

Take a look at the luxurious Trump Tower, I bet even you won’t wish to come back from his place.

1. Where Are They Both Located?


Source: DNAinfo.com

Trump Tower is located in Newyork City on 725th Avenue, where Louis Vuitton, Harry Winston, Bergdorf Goodman are his good neighbors.


Source: PBS

While, the White House is located in Washington DC, the capital of USA.

2. In The Movies


Source: Life Is What You Make It – WordPress.com

Many of you might have caught a glimpse of this extravagant tower in The Dark Knight Rises as the fictional home in Wayne’s Enterprises.


Source: Sony Pictures

In the same way, many of you have seen the White House in White House Down, Olympus Has Fallen and in many others.

3. Family Time


Source: House Beautiful

With amazing and lavish color combos of gold and beige, just a glimpse of the Trump’s sitting room would mesmerize you.


Source: ABC News

Simplicity at its peak! For spending some time with family, you really don’t need the luxurious items around you.

4. Goldy Gold All The Way


Source: www.efrinteriors.com

The French design of 18th century has been adopted in the construction of this penthouse. With an abundance of gold, every curve is perfectly preferred with ornate detail.


Source: The Washington Star-News

But the Obama’s Suite which was recently renamed-remodeled by Michelle Obama has the true feelings of home and family.

5. The Son vs The Daughters


Source: www.housebeautiful.com

Barrow,10 has been taught the importance of “self-esteem”, his toys have a reflection of Trump’s style in which the luxurious cars and planes don’t have more than two seats!


Source: Tampa Bay Times

The people of White House are unaware of the self-indulgent type life, they are near to nature and love to be within close range of it.

6. Natural Looks!


Source: www.housebeautiful.com

Some plants have been kept in the living room of the Trump Penthouse to give the dwellers a natural feel. But these golden leaves are not of any ordinary plant, it has been sailed from Palm Beaches of Florida.


Source: TakePart

On the other hand, Michelle planted the vegetables in the kitchen house garden of The White House. How cute!

7. Louis vs Lincoln


Source: www.housebeautiful.com

Trump have a Louis XV style chair in his room. With plush cushions, curved legs, oval back, it is not less than the throne of a King!


Source: Politico

The Lincoln’s sitting room in the White House has no comparison with Louis King’s chair. Its an example of simplicity and elegance.

8. The Working Place


Source: www.housebeautiful.com

Unlike desi parents, Trump and Melania have never asked Barrow to keep away from the working table. After taking a look at all the marble and glass objects on the table, you would second my opinion.


Source: Mirror

The office space of the White House doesn’t have such fragile items on the table like Melania Trump has on hers. You shouldn’t be careful here (except the documents!!)

9. Breakfast Time!


Source: www.housebeautiful.com

With the same gold theme, the breakfast table is decored with yellow roses. And how could Barrow Trump forget to place his sporty car at the table?


Source: Politico

Look at the elegant and graceful color combos of the private dining room of the White House. It has a class! Seriously!

10. Memories Have Been Preserved


Source: iDesignArch

From wedding pictures to childhood pictures of every child, this side table is loaded with the memories of beautiful + expensive frames.


Source: Politico

The memories of the White House have been kept on the walls, not on the table!

It’s all up to the newly elected president now whether he decides to leave the Trump Tower or not, but the other residents of the tower have become annoyed and have started moving out due to the protests and the partisans who are around the tower all day. I hope that the residents would not force their president to move off to the White House because of the hectic situation his presence at the tower has created.

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