Noori And Sara Haider Sang The New Rendition Of “Dil Ki Qasam” And Totally Rocked Karachi!

It was a Sunday and the venue was one of Karachi’s hippest places; Ocean Mall.

Everyone was waiting on the surprise from the Miss Veet Pakistan podium set up on the ground floor. Nobody knew what to expect, and the curiosity was almost tangible.

And then, all of a sudden, the audience saw Ali Noor and Ali Hamza come up on stage.

Wait a second.

Noori, the band, for Veet? What’s that all about?

Yes, you read it right. Noori collaborated with the beautiful and talented, Sara Haider, for what was eventually a memorable event!

But first, it was Hira Hussain who took to the stage.

source: Facebook

After her appearance, it was time for the first screening of ‘Dil Ki Qasam’, the title song for Miss Veet Pakistan performed by Sara Haider and Noori, and produced by Shuja Haider.

An absolutely amazing song, the unique style of the composition sets it apart from the very first note. Check it out below!

With the screening, the show was officially kicked off. The energetic Noori duo with the sultry vocals of Sara Haider was a combination that kept the crowd riveted the entire time.

Aik Alif by Ali Hamza

With beautiful vocals and perfect musical accompaniment, Ali Hamza completely slayed it in Noori’s cover of a track that has become a modern-day classic.

Tonight’s gonna be a good night – Sara Haider

Sara Haider and upbeat music equals pure insanity. You can feel the energy radiating from the video and, be advised, it is very infectious!

Suno Ke Main Hoon Jawaan – Sara Haider and Noori


A classic brought back to life, this is a song that will never lose its touch!

That marked the end of the show, a night that everyone present would remember for days to come. Miss Veet, one could say, did a commendable job in organising the entire thing and no one could have possibly asked for more!

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