AMD Or Intel? Which Is The Best Gaming CPU For You?

PC build is one of the most interesting and complicating things to do. Why? Because in this process you need to know every component you are going to use it.

Just like there’s a war between PC and Consoles same goes in the world of PC too.

Yes! There are two major brands when it comes to PC Intel and AMD. These two elite CPUs have been in the market for more than a decade and in the beginning, Intel dominated brutally.

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AMD couldn’t survive in the battle at that time, but as time passed AMD came with their ultimate chipset which surely took over the CPU war once and for all. The arrival of Ryzen, that sabotaged the intel iSeries in every manner.

People who have firm knowledge about these two chipsets, make the best decision for themselves. But what about the newbies?

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They might be willing to build their first-ever gaming PC and isn’t it bad if they are stuck in selecting the most important component?

To give those newbies out there a great relief and here’s what you are going to see in 2021 which brand’s chipset is worth buying? AMD or Intel? Will have full Pros and Cons chart and look deep into it when it comes to super multitasking.

Extreme Upgrade, AMD vs Intel?

amd vs intel
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Both of these brands have a reputation in the PC world. It’s not like people neglect any of these, but there are some major differences in both of their powerful editions.

You have no other choice to switch to any third competitor because these two brands have their Ryzen series and iSeries.

amd or intel
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Each of them has their specialties and for that most of the people go with their favorable choice. But if we look on practical and performance-based the story is different.

Because still, people believe that the latest 10th or 11th generation iSeries CPUs is the ultimate gaming system component. But it has that much power and can beat Ryzen on paper.

Head-To-Head Face-Off AMD or Intel?

Before we head towards the face-off, one thing you need to understand is that once you decide between AMD and Intel you will be getting the whole new motherboard too depends on your CPU choice.

More affordableLower thermal throttle boundaryBetter per-core performanceMore expensive
12 coresThe high-end system requires an expensive motherboard,More recent“Only” 10 cores
Lower TDPLower stock clock (worse for gaming)Integrated GPUHigher TDP
PCIe 4.0Higher power consumptionThe highest base clocks (good for gaming)
Best for multitaskingLower thermal throttle boundaryNot good with multitasking

No doubt, on paper this chart falls in the court of intel and makes them superior. But what about going head-to-head practically? Because there’s a reason as per the sources people choose Ryzen over intel.

amd or intel
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And to have a great look there’s one person who can give you the best outcome and makes your life easier to choose between AMD and Intel none other than “Linus Tech Tips”.

He had made a video in which he along with his colleague build an extreme gaming pc using both of these high-end CPUs. Here you get the full proof answer and winner of the battle. There’s no doubt that AMD is the fastest CPU on the planet in every manner.

Pricing Value Of CPUs

One of the main focuses is the price value. Both have a different price range, which means the higher you go with the power the more price will increase.

Processor Pricing By SeriesAMDIntel
AMD Ryzen 9 – Intel Core i9$434 – $799$422 – $549
AMD Ryzen 7 – Intel Core i7$294 -$449$298 – $409
AMD Ryzen 5 – Intel Core i5$149 – $299$157 – $272
AMD Ryzen 3 – Intel Core i3$95 – $120$97 – $154

Just look at the price value of each of the series, one thing that needs to be cleared is that the price range is identified based on the generation.

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When it comes to pricing it all depends on your budget, if you are thinking to invest one time and want to make it future proof then be ready for it.

best gaming cpu
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According to many YouTubers such as Linus Tech Tips, he always used Ryzen for his gaming build videos, because Ryzen is more powerful than iSeries and there’s no doubt on that for sure.

Not only him, every gamer or say streamer preferred Ryzen because it’s the ultimate investment and as you are going to build your first gaming PC then don’t waste any more time just fall in love with the AMD Ryzen series.

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