“Rise With Ryzen”- Is AMD The Fastest CPU On Planet?

In the computer world, there are only two giants in the processor war AMD and Intel.

Intel has been dominating in the area of CPU, till the AMD made their comeback with Ryzen series. AMD Ryzen’s return was the huge transformation in the CPUs, which also changed the perception of the users as well.

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Recently the war has become more lethal in terms of specs, that each company providing to their users and creating a huge impact on the computer market.

People don’t understand the value of processors and the competition between these two chip giants.

 It’s similar to the GPU War, where Nvidia is competing with AMD GPUs to stay at the top of the selling chart and producing high-end GPUs.

The war started in the mid-2000s, where AMD first launched their CPU as Athlon X2 with 2 cores against the Intel Core 2 Duo and the outcome was the same Intel took the lead.

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AMD failed to produce such more core CPUs and the market settled in with the Intel Quad-Core ones. But in 2017, where Intel was playing with generations, AMD Ryzen step into their area and launched AMD Ryzen 7 with double cores meaning 8.

Although still, AMD faced some crises in terms of shortage of CPUs, cheap silicon build quality, etc.

One of the main things that people love about the AMD Ryzen is overclocking feature, which lets the users boost up the performance to the maximum.

Intel’s latest edition i9 10th gen processor there is less amount of people who are investing in Intel and liking it.

They are actually believing in what intel had claimed “World’s fastest gaming CPU.” The reality everyone knows it.

But still, gamers and editors are going on Ryzen build where they want to overclock their CPU and hit the sweet spot.

Most people are still using AMD Ryzen 5 3rd gen one of the fastest and budget CPUs in the market. 

Apart from the cost, looking at the performance and benchmarks AMD takes the Chip territory.

AMD Fastest CPU

Enhance Your Performance:

AMD as discussed above the only high cores powerful processor available in the market compares to the competitors. It’s the all-rounder in terms of everything, even its older generations are way head than Intel’s.

Let’s take Ryzen 5 3600, what it has to offer us and why people are still interested in buying AMD Ryzen CPUs?

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AMD Ryzen 5 3600 is an excellent player in the market, which gives you better performance in gaming and in the application too. With a one-click, overlocking performance is as same as the other generations. It consumes less power and most important backward compatibility.

Ryzen 5 3600 launched in 2019, but still, it’s highly impressive and demanding CPUs currently.

AMD didn’t specify their criteria, they kept all the options available for the users and that’s what makes them stronger.

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No matter how many powerful CPUs Intel produces because their compatibility would surely cost you a lot. The Ryzen series is fully compatible with every Ryzen motherboard and can use any generation CPU on it.

AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Specs:

Cores: 6/12T

Clock Speed: 3.6/upto 4.2

Cache L3: 32Mb

AMD Ryzen 5 3600 cost you under 35k far better than I series in terms of specs and performance.

The result is clear and in front of you. Just in case not to be sound like a sided affair, look at i5 8th gen specs.

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Intel i5 9th generation gives you 6cores, 6 threads, and 2.8 clock speed. That’s all it got to offer.

Is it Worth It?

AMD Ryzen is the ultimate winner in multitasking and power-packed performance.

For thirsty gamers, editors it is the best spot to stop and experience the ultra-performance.

Although 5 3600 is the budget CPU, still hits the top gear of speed and boosts up the performance of gaming.

AMD Ryzen is the all-rounder, it all depends on you for which purpose you are using for.

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