What is General Zia ul Haq’s Gift To Pakistan?

When Bhutto was hanged on April 4, 1979 by General Zia ul Haq and the process of converting Nationalization to Islamization was started by Zia, we saw an unimaginable loss in Pakistan from which we are suffering even today. The political, social and cultural values of Pakistani society for a local citizen were being re-shaped and a new era of evolution had began. Undoubtedly, the credit for all these major changes in Pakistan goes to the Mard e Momin – General Zia ul Haq, who never let us down in front of Allah. His first priority was to secure the deen eeman of others. Because of this ‘pious’ general we had seen the efficiency of Censor Board, he had given the rights of Information Ministry with full authority to Jamaat e Islami for broadcasting what is Islamic!

Because of this devoted general, the efforts for ‘forget Bhutto and its democracy’ had been succeeded. From the storeroom of PTV, a large number of cassettes and tapes were being destroyed which contained the speeches of Bhutto, he had done this to replace his own record there! Because of this religious general, the female newscasters and actresses clad themselves in dupatta. Purely Islamic Act. He also hired Dr. Israr Ahmed, to remind us all about the hell fire. I think PTV sponsored his visit to there!


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Because of this Marde Mujahid, the seeds of sectarian warfare were sowed when establishment of Sipah Shaba – Jhang in 1986 was supported by him.His involvement in the massacre of innocent Palestinians during the Black September Tragedy of 1970, while he was serving in Jordan was the proof of his love for Islam.


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Because of him, we were able to provide refuge to Afghan migrants when they fled to us during the Russian invasion in 1979 and established 300 protective camps for them. But on the offer of the American President, we put this ‘care’ aside and accepted their proposal of financial assistance of about $21 with truckloads of weapons all done to train the Afghan Mujahideen against Soviet Union for the war on their home ground. Because of this saintly general, about 100 people of twin cities – Islamabad and Rawalpindi, were killed due to the missiles and rockets placed at Ojhri camp exploding ‘suddenly’.


Source: All Things Pakistan

Unfortunately, Zia’s dream of making Pakistan an Islamic State was a nightmare to the Pakistani society. His regime provided Pakistan with nothing but hatred, extremism, false preaching, misinterpretation of Islamic rules and the never curable curse of Talibaan. After decades, we are still not able to rid ourselves from the side effects of his dictatorship. Pakistan is now facing a war with the Taliban on its soil. Never before has such a situation prevailed in the country. Maybe someday, we will be alive to see the peaceful and moderate Pakistan.


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