USA Vs Iran – Military Capabilities Of Both In Case There Is War!

us military capability vs iran

The recently escalated conflict between Iran and the US is stirring several conspiracies regarding the war stance. While the world seems to be in its doomsday, the long deteriorated political ties between Iran and the US have now become a threat to the world. Among the devastating news coming in daily, many are even worried that is Iran even capable of fighting with the elite US armed forces.

The USA-Iran conflict – What can the militaries do if war begins!

Last week, Iran was in its mourn period on the assassination of its leader Major General Qasem Soleimani. Reports state that Iran’s Qasem Soleimani got killed at Baghdad airport on American President Donald Trump’s orders to strike. The attack was taken as a call for war by Iran but is Ali Khameini’s military able to afford a war with the mighty US military, the concerns arise.

USA Iran War

The New York Times

With several analysts and journalists predicting the possible future of the US-Iran conflict, there still stays a doubt in minds. However, the fact that the Superpower United States of America is globally famous for its advanced military, can’t be denied. Well, as per the reports released by the experts, there is a lesser chance of Iran gaining victory from the crucially professional US forces.

What the military budget says!

While the US has a massive men power and technological artillery, Iran lacks in numbers as well as the weaponry. As per official reports, the US is the only state of the world that spends more on defense than on any other area. Comparatively, Iranian armed forces which comprise of further two separate categories are bound to their limited budget and vintage machinery.

USA Iran War

Middle East Institute

International media reports state that US President Donald Trump has provided the military with an extended budget in 2019. On the note, America’s military budget in 2018 estimated at a staggering $587 to 597 billion, excluding the latter approved. Certainly, by the end of 2019, the budget shot to $686 billion while President Trump plans to invest another $160 billion into it.

Iranian armed forces and the US’s advanced machinery!

While last year, Iran has cut down its military budget to a minimal $43 billion dollars, comparatively nothing. However, the Iranian armed forces comprise of the army and the revolutionary guards’ corps but not that huge in numbers. Apparently, the Quds force of Iran is a special unit of the revolutionary guards’ corps whose leader Qasem Soleimani was killed recently.

USA Iran War


Unfortunately, it’s not just the budget Iran lacks but the outdated machines it owns, also ring a bell. With a massive fleet of updated fighter jets, armored trucks, and destroyers, the US sure outnumbers Iran in technology too. Currently, the US military has more than 2 million active military personnel while Iran has about 6,00,000 active military men.

However, Iran is fortunate to be geographically secure as if it is really a war, the US might face difficulties, attacking. While the world is in despair, Iran has raised the red flag of war implying revenge against the US. Well, it will be too soon to say anything but if it does happen, its effects will be felt by the world.

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