WATCH: Karachi Student Gets Haircut During Online Class With Dean

student haircut dean

Nearly a month has passed since educational institutes in the country and worldwide have brought a halt to conducting classes on campuses due to COVID-19. Apart from the government universities, private institutes have also opted for online teaching, as a strive to prevent any forfeiture. Nonetheless, conducting online classes is not easy, particularly when students don’t take them seriously.

A video of a Pakistani student has gone viral where he is getting a haircut when his institute’s dean is discussing something during the virtual class.

Haircut during an online class

As of now, the British Council has postponed all exams of A-Levels and O-Levels, with the decision of grading them on the basis of yearly performance.
The video is about the meeting of Nixor College dean, with the college’s students discussing the future of education.

Nonetheless, during his talk, one of the students joining the meeting forgot to switch off his camera. Unbeknownst to him that everyone is watching him getting ready for his haircut. It is when the dean asked him to shut down the video.

That was indeed funny.

This is not the first time, students and their teachers have shared a hilarious moment during virtual coaching. Previously, another video was leaked, when students of Karachi’s Iqra University were seen trolling their instructor.

Online Class??

Gepostet von IQRA University – IU Confessions am Donnerstag, 19. März 2020

Boycotting education

As of now, most of the students are facing issues regarding the quality of education during forced online classes. Paying huge amounts of fees, students definitely prefer better standards of online teaching.

Two days back, students from all around in Karachi started boycotting against their universities, claiming that the online classes, their institutes are offering are of a low standard. They say online classes are a waste of time and money.

student haircut dean

Image: Samaa

After facing a lot of criticism online, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) had postponed all classes for a few days. But later ordered the commencement of classes whilst observing the student’s concerns. According to the HEC’s announcement, it would inspect the quality of online classes the universities are offering, alongside the delivery and connectivity for now.

“HEC is monitoring the developing situation arising out of the COVID-19 pandemic. And is in contact with university leadership to identify areas where support is a requirement to minimize academic disruption. Contingency plans are already drawn for various scenarios. If the current restriction on movement extends beyond May 31, all universities will have to resort to online education,” added HEC Chairman Tariq Banuri in his statement.

At this time, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in confirmation of more than 2,400 cases, and sadly, 35 deaths in Pakistan and the number is still rising.


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