National Financial Literacy Program For Youth To Launch E-Learning Portal

National Financial Literacy Program For Youth To Launch E-Learning Portal

National Financial Literacy Program For Youth

To enhance the financial learning of the youth, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) is all set to shift towards a more advanced tool. Analyzing the gap that needed to be filled, the State Bank collaborated with the National Institute of Banking and Finance (NIBAF) to provide a new learning experience to the masses.

SBP’s collaboration with NFLP-Y to educate the youth

As per the details, the SBP with NIBAF is positive to implement National Financial Literacy Program for Youth (NFLP-Y). Particularly, the introduced program will not increase the financial knowledge of the candidate but will also help in understanding the money matters. The NFLP-Y is essential for all age groups from every walk of life who can develop skilled learning in handling finance management.

National Financial Literacy Program For Youth


Adapting the change of time, now, the National Financial Literacy Program for Youth (NFLP-Y) is initiating an online course. According to the official release, the course will be engaging the audience through an interactive game specially designed for learning purposes. Precisely, the to-be-launched game will target three types of young learners:

1- Children, from ages 9 to 12

2- Adolescents, from ages 13 to 17

3- Youngsters, from ages 18 to 29

The created game will be accessible on desktops as well as on mobile phones through a dedicated application. Speaking of the interactive initiative, the game is named ‘POMPAK – Learn to Earn’ and is available on both Android and IOS operating systems for free. The game is based on a story of two like-minded families sensibly tackling their financial and business decisions.

Understanding financial matters through an interactive game

The youth will be able to get skilled in applying principles of financial literacy with a deep understanding of the matters. The easy-to-operate e-learning portal of NFLP-Y and the related mobile application will deliver lessons in both, English and Urdu languages. Once on the game, the user’s aim will solely be to lead the families towards a successful business.

National Financial Literacy Program For Youth

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Eventually, the new experiences and decision-making techniques will help the player ace in daily life money management. It will also be essential to understand the concept of banking, borrowing, budgeting and saving along with a vast choice of topics. The individual will also face an assessment at the end. Moreover, on completion of the course, individuals will also be getting an official Certificate of Financial Literacy.

In this turmoil, when the coronavirus pandemic has completely shut daily lives, NFLP-Y aims to make a positive impact. Apparently, the initiative can make a huge difference in the world of online learning.

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