COVID-19: Pakistani Students Troll Teachers During Online Classes!

pakistani students troll teachers online classes

Amidst the chaos caused by the Novel Coronavirus, students all around the globe are facing a backslash in education. As a precautionary step, many educational institutions have relocated their classes to online platforms to avoid any forfeiture, and ensure the completion of studies within time.

But, with online classes, there comes a great deal of problems. Such as disruption in connections, and most of all hegemonizing the students from fabricating any nuisance. Recently, a group of Pakistani students recorded a video of their online class, where they were seen trolling their teacher during online classes.

University Students Troll Teacher During Online Class!

Citing the gone viral video, the students of Iqra University, Karachi are seen making a fuss of their class teacher. Passing on hilarious comments, and chanting slogans ‘aloo pyaaz tamatar lelo‘.

students trolling online classes

Source: Aljazeera

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Moreover, the video corroborates the gremlin in the system of educating online, as the teacher is quite unable to handle the mischief. Clearly, the teacher is unable to discern the student responsible for creating the aggravation in the class.

Moreover, it’s a normal practice by Pakistani students to make fun of their teachers even during the actual classes. So, it’s really difficult for a teacher to conduct the class online here without any such disturbance. Students are also aware that can’t be punished for their offensive behavior.

Here is the hilarious video!

Speaking specifically of Pakistan, the Government of Sindh had previously announced to close all educational institutions. Ever since then, the institutions have been orchestrating remaining studies on online platforms, as a step to steer clear of any student contracting the virus.

Set-Backs Of Conducting Classes Online!

With the COVID-19 infecting everyone in its path, the future of education surely lingers as uncertain. Most of the universities have not only been suspending their classes but have also been busy in evicting hostel dorms. Recently, Pakistani students complained about their universities handing them urgent eviction notices. Sadly, this period can be quite straining for those students, in their final years. Consequently, with the semesters on hold, they are sure to get their graduation delayed.

students trolling online classes

Source: Theeconomist

Owing to the student’s and teacher’s feedback over the Internet, conducting classes can be really frantic. It is seriously not for those teachers, who have never taught online before. Apart from being unable to control students, some teachers complain that they don’t even have the necessary resources to conduct a class.

Worst of all, students delineate that, they are having grave difficulty in understanding their lectures. Sometimes, it is their network’s fault, consequently resulting in poor quality video/audio. Other issues may incorporate students marking their virtual presence in the class, and in actual not being available to hear the lecture.

Nevertheless, its quite obvious, as you can without any haste tell the difference between virtual learning and physical learning.

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