King Of Predictions! Simpsons Predicted Missing Submarine Back In 2006

Simpsons predicted missing submarine

Does Simpson know about the future? Because they have done it again, we all are aware of the missing submarine vessel, later it turned out that the Simpsons have already predicted.

Yes! You heard it right guys, Simpsons have become famous for predicting major real-life events and shocking the whole world.

The Simpsons seemingly predicted Titanic submarine going missing | Metro  News
Source: Metro UK

Over the past years, Simpsons have never disappointed in predicting the future, whether it’s 9/11 or Donald Trump becoming the US president.

However, recently a submarine vessel was found missing that went to explore the wreckage of Titanic and didn’t come back. The news spread all over the social media and news platforms.

Simpsons Predicted Missing Submarine

In the classic episode of the long-running TV Show “Simpsons”, Before they embark on their undersea adventure, Mason Fairbanks, the long-lost father of Homer Simpson who unearths underwater treasures, delivers a spooky speech about it.

“Today I am filled with joy. Searching for treasure with my long-lost son. My dream for each of you is that you find the happiness I feel today,” he says.

The Simpsons eerily predicted missing Titanic submarine 17 years ago in  chilling episode - Mirror Online
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Then, aboard a lone submarine, Homer and his long-lost father began their undersea adventure in the vast ocean.

The father and son team later discover two crates stuffed to the gills with treasure inside of a crashed boat.

Thrilled about their treasure find, Homer channeled home to his friends and said: “Hey guys. We found the treasure. When I get to shore, I’m bringing it right to the bar.”

Living in the 21st century where we got the Metaverse, the Simpsons already predicted Metaverse back in 2011.

Simpsons Fans Reacted

After the episode circulated all over the internet, many of the Simpsons fans were in shock and in disbelief that how could this happen. They have highlighted that the writers of the Simpsons have once again predicted the ongoing missing submarine vessel investigation.

“Simpsons was the first time in history a submarine sinking was shown in media. This isn’t a coincidence,” one tweeted.

Did The Simpsons Predict Missing Titanic Submarine Incident In A 2006  Episode?

“I do not know what surprises them of the lost submarine in the Atlantic that went down to see the remains of the Titanic, the Simpsons had already warned us,” another echoed.

While a third added: “Crazy how the Simpsons already predicted the missing submarine.”

Simpsons have also predicted the late Queen Elizabeth II’s death as well, which became viral on social media.

Up till now no further details shared by the investigators regarding the missing submarine, it has been said that there might be possible that it got stuck in the wrecked Titanic location.

Saying that the Simpsons are the God of the Future of Prediction won’t be an understatement, Simpson has even predicted Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 1998.

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