Sonya Hussyn Transforms Herself Into Drug-Addicted For Upcoming Film

We all talk about Bollywood and Hollywood actors’ insane transformations. But Sonya Hussyn’s transformation into a drug-addicted is surely captured everyone’s attention.

She’s always up for challenges and doesn’t fear in pushing herself beyond her limit. First boxer girl transformation and now drug addicted.

Sonya Hussyn Transforms Herself Into Drug-Addicted For Upcoming Film
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Recently, Sonya transformed herself into a drug-addict character for her upcoming film Gangs of Kharasaan.

Bleached bronze pixie hair, burn marks on the face, purple dry lips, and a cigarette by the ear that’s the new avatar of Sonya Hussyn.

Sonya Hussyn Transforms Herself Into Drug-Addicted For Upcoming Film
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She took to her Instagram account where she shared her new look and wrote a detailed caption in which she described her journey.

Sonya Hussyn’s Drug-Addicted Transformation

On Wednesday, Sonya Hussyn wrote, “Addicts are humans too!” she wrote while dressed in a washed black velvet co-ord set. “Meet Murshid.

Unveiling the first look of my new project, Gangs of Kharasaan!” Actor Gohar Rasheed is also a part of the project but apart from that, details about the drama haven’t been revealed yet.

If you guys follow Sonya Hussyn, then you must know it’s not the first time that she took such a big role and transformed herself. Before this character, the actor starred in the 2020 drama Saraab which highlighted the challenges of schizophrenia.

Saraab Episode 25: Sonya Hussyn's Hoorain Is Admitted To the Hospital - The  Brown Identity
Source: The Brown Idenity

“After playing Hoorain in Saraab, Murshid is another character that holds a special place in my heart,” she concluded her post, asking fans to stay tuned for more updates on Murshid’s journey. The transformation pictures – that actually look unreal – gathered lots of praise for the actor.

Sonya few times found herself in the hot boiling water, Mathira calls out Sonya Hussyn for calling her shemale.

Fellow Actresses Gave Shout-out To Sonya Hussyn’s Look

The moment Sonya Hussyn posted the new avatar photos, her fellow actors reshared her image and praised her for her incredible transformation.

Sonya Hussyn Transforms Herself Into Drug-Addicted For Upcoming Film
Source: Instagram

Yasir Hussain and Ushna Shah took to their Insta Stories to wish Hussyn luck. “She is hands down one of the most gorgeous actors in the subcontinent, and definitely one of the most talented.

She is never afraid of playing the most raw and difficult rules. I’m so proud of her and so inspired by her,” wrote Shah, while Hussain couldn’t believe the transformation. “Wow,” he wrote.

Sonya Hussyn had a heated moment in the industry, where she went with her all cards. Remember her feud with Faryal Mehmood, Sonya Hussyn spilled beans on her feud.

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