Very Sad Prediction – The Simpsons Already Predicted Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine In 1998

The world is in chaos and people are raising their voices against the terror in Ukraine. No one is keeping their mouth shut and at every point, they are standing with Ukraine. But once again Simpsons have come to showcase that they have predicted this whole thing way before.

Yes! Just like every international major event took place, which later revealed that Simpsons one of the most popular cartoon TV Series have already predicted the same and made everyone go banana.

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The same thing happened with Russia invading Ukraine, it all happened back in 1998 accurately and no one saw it coming through. They had not just only predicted half of it, Simpsons had predicted Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine but unlike other revelations, it’s the saddest one.

Not only do the people feel it, even the showrunner Al Jean feels the same. And he even shared his views on it as well.

Simpsons predicted Russia invades Ukraine

On Thursday, the similarities come to notice over the social media platform before Russia with force invaded Ukraine. In the 1998 episode officially titled “Simpson Tide” you must look closely where the cartoonish prediction happens to be reality.

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What exactly happened? “While on a nuclear submarine participating in a military exercise, Homer unintentionally fires the sub captain out of the vessel into Russian waters. Cut to Russia revealing that the Soviet Union never truly dissolved; troops and tanks descend upon the streets as the Berlin Wall is instantly resurrected.”

If those of you don’t know why Russia invaded Ukraine and what’s the story behind it? Here’s everything you need to know.

In conversation with the Hollywood Reporter, Jean shared, “In terms of predictions, there are two kinds we have: The trivial, like Don Mattingly getting in trouble for his hair in Homer at the Bat, and then there are predictions like this.

I hate to say it, but I was born in 1961, so 30 years of my life were lived with the specter of the Soviet Union. So, to me, this is sadly more the norm than it is a prediction. We just figured things were going to go bad.”

‘Super Vigilant’ – Al Jean

“Historical aggression never really goes away, and you have to be super vigilant,” Jean states. “In 1998, when this clip aired, it was maybe the zenith of U.S.-Russia relations.

Source: Sky News

But ever since [Russian President Vladimir], Putin got in, almost everybody has made it clear that he’s a bad guy and bad things are going to happen.”

“There is the kind of prediction, where we reference something that has happened, happening again — we hope it wouldn’t, but sadly, it does,” Jean says. He further added that the series will likely address how the world is changing, but viewers shouldn’t expect a specific Russia-Ukraine reference.

There have been several predictions done by the Simpson show, previous they did predict Metaverse and it did happen in 2011.

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