Mother Of Irony: SHO’s Bike Stolen From Inside Police Station

SHO's bike gets stolen

SHO’s bike gets stolen from his police station. The ironic event took place at the Rawalpindi Police Station as Sub-inspector Tahir Shah parked his bike at the station. Soon the inevitable happened.

Police Bike

Source: Pro Pakistani

Was it a prank or a reality?

It is too early to say what happened. If it is real and something we have to live with, this is heartwrenching. We don’t deserve a police force that is not safe from the crime.

We feel like Eitri the dwarf shouting at Thor “You were supposed to protect us, Asgard was supposed to protect us!”

On the other hand, if this is a prank, I have to say, it is the best prank I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Like imagine you being a law enforcer, and you get lawyered.

How would you feel? How will the common people of Pakistan feel? When I read this story, there came a point when I realized that this prank is the best yet the saddest prank ever.

Furthermore, the victim had to file a complaint about his missing motorbike. Could this day get any better? First, a police officer gets robbed then he has to file a complaint like a normal person.

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In my opinion, the guy feels like Joker to me, you kind of hate him for being evil and a mass-murderer, but you also feel him for being a victim of this cruel world. Do you get me?

However, Assistant Superintendent, Beenish Fatima confirmed the news as she said that an on-going investigation is taking place for the missing motorbike.

SHO Tahir Shah must be reminiscing over his deeds right now!

Meanwhile, I’m wondering about the good memes we’re about to get soon as this news gets more public. The Captain America template would do wonders and also, it’s like the robbers locked an iterative method on the force.

The robbers are nowhere to be found yet, and there is no one who can identify or give any details about them. Trust me; if the guy had the guts to rob a bike from a police station, he is outstanding.

Let’s not hope he left some clues around for ACP Pradhyuman to track him down. However, our version of ACP; CPO has ordered SP Syed Ali to lead the investigation and get some results asap.

Anyways, this incident somehow triumphs in hindsight, as to how can you not think that what goes around comes around. This happens when your entire force isn’t loyal to your cause, humiliation at its peak.

Even though the bike will be easy to trace since it was a government registered vehicle and selling it would be hard for the robbers, however, selling the parts would not be so difficult for them.

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