Woman Who Mistreated Traffic Police In Karachi Justifies Her Act!

woman misbehaves with traffic police

Recently, a video of a woman disrespecting the traffic police officers in Karachi went viral. Not only she broke the signal and refused to cooperate with the officers simply executing their duties – she considered herself above the law and hurled all sorts of profanities at them. The video proof of her delusional self-importance and ill-treatment of the police officers was widely criticized. Moreover, this incident highlights the VIP culture that still plagues the country at large.

Sources say that she broke the signal in Karachi’s Defence area and upon being questioned went completely cross with them. Now, after the recorded incident became the talk of the town, the lady in question has come forward with an explanation.

Woman Misbehaved with Traffic Constable

Via GTV Network HD

She accepted her mistake but accused one of the traffic police officers of harassment.

This time, clad in a burqa and niqaab, she comes forward with a video message explaining her side of the story. Recalling the incident, she accepts her folly of violating traffic rules but maintains that she was suffering from high blood pressure at the time and was rushing to the South City Hospital.

Moreover, coming to the part where she disrespected the officers, she claims that one of them held her hand which made her blood pressure shoot up higher. In addition, she agrees that her behavior with the elderly men was uncalled for but after they made her physically uncomfortable, she had to go about that route.

Her statements in her own words.

As much as it has become easy to fabricate videos and pictures; it has also become easy to expose the reality in its raw form. Previously, her video was a clear indication of her humiliating and foul mouthing the traffic police officers. There was nothing more to it.

Sadly, the rich and the powerful suffer from entitlement issues, making them live in a bubble of fantasy; of them being invincible in Pakistan. However, the laws remain the same for every citizen; regardless of their status symbol. Similarly, once the bubble is burst with the needle of consequences and implications, they find it impossible to cope.

Social media has become a powerful tool of the current century; it has served justice more than the concerned authorities of Pakistan. Similarly, her justifications didn’t sit well with the people as they marked her a liar, nothing more. Moreover, the damage has been done and is irreversible. If the lady didn’t resort to threats and cursing, the matter could have been solved in a jiffy.

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