Shaniera Akram Tweets About The Waste On Clifton Beach – Administrations Are Also Taking Action!

Shaniera Akram

Shaniera Akram, wife of the well-known former cricket player Wasim Akram, tweeted regarding the terrible condition of Karachi’s Clifton Beach, drawing attention towards the issue.



Clifton Beach’s Dangerous Situation:

The beach has now become a huge dumpster for the citizens of Pakistan as medical waste like syringes, accompanied with traces of blood, and other damaging waster have flooded the beauty of the beach. It is a serious concern because instruments like syringes have the potential to spread chronic illnesses. These illnesses include AIDS and other transmitted diseases. Moreover, the percentage of such diseases within the country is seeing an increase. So this makes it even more of a worrisome situation.

Also, everyone from all parts of the city come to the beach to enjoy the summer weather in front of the waves. This is why the existence of such waste is exposed to a considerable number of population. And can cause an outbreak of dangerous incurable diseases considering if the blood on the medical waste has infections.

Shaniera Akram’s Reaction On Twitter: 

Seeing the current situation, Shaniera Akram used her social media platform to call out the atrocity and ensure that proper action is taken.

Shaniera Akram

Source: Herald Sun

Her tweets that raised awareness got attention from all over Pakistan because it is an on-going issue. Not to mention, she is also a prominent figure. This serves as a great example of an individual that is using their platform for decent purposes to benefit the country. And she isn’t even Pakistani by blood. Some of her tweets said, “There is kilometres of medical waste including hundreds of open needle syringes amongst other things, that has come in from the ocean. Clifton beach, at this moment, is extremely dangerous and needs to be shut down”

To also add, “As of this minute, I Shaniera Akram, a citizen of Karachi declare Clifton beach officially hazardous and is in state of an emergency”

Action Towards The Growing Concern: 

Therefore, she called out the issue and it spread on Pakistani Twitter like wild fire. It finally reached the ears of the authorities. Senator Murtaza Wahab visited the DC South & Cantonment Board, through the assistance of Secretary Environment. To address the issue he took to Twitter to thank Shaniera for her words providing caution towards the situation. And he even thanked the CBC staff for clearing about 80% of the waste.



His tweet read, “Visited Clifton beach earlier today to oversee the cleanup of the beach with the assistance of Secretary Environment, DC South & Cantonment Board. The area is 80% clear now. Thank u ⁦⁦Shaniera Akram⁩ for highlighting the issue & CBC staff for cleaning it up,”

Even the Sindh Police responded to her tweet to write, “Police have cordoned-off the affected area of Clifton beach, section 144 has been imposed for the safety of visitors.”



What do you think of the situation? Do you think that people with a grown platform should use it to voice regarding such issues? Or can they do whatever they wish to do with their platforms? Share your thoughts using the links below.

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