Humiliated By Son But Loved By Another – SP Mazhar Visits Gulnaz Bibi To Console Her

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On 21st July 2020, all Pakistanis were completely repulsed to see how a man was beating his own mother for the sake of money. Although the poor mother clarified that he wasn’t doing it for money, the way the man kept hitting his own mother, is in all forms an unjustifiable and indeed a horrifying incident.

Luckily though, after the news broke, about how the girl, Zoobia Meer and her mother were becoming a victim of domestic violence every day; it is indeed amazing to learn that Zoobia Meer’s brother; Arsalan is finally behind bars for his heinous crimes. Above all, Arsalan has also admitted to his crimes.

Netizens are praising and lauding the police for their quick thinking and also for taking notice of this brutality immediately. If that wasn’t like a breath of fresh air, the SP Rai Mazhar of Rawalpindi is surely winning hearts.

After the arrest, he made sure that he visits, Gulnaz Bibi, Meer’s mother and ask about her well-being.

Twitterati appreciate the generosity of SP Mazhar

SP Mazhar is truly a generous soul for making sure that he fulfills his duty as an officer. Not only this, but some are also saying that he is the actual son that Bibi deserves.

While others are also calling out Arsalan for being totally misguided and also an unfortunate son to have not understood the beautiful role and relationship of mother and son.

The picture of this sergeant with Meer’s mother shows a silent bond of gratitude and gratefulness. There is no doubt, that these emotions are surreal and difficult to find when you get to see so many hardships and difficulties; along with so much negativity around you.

It is truly amazing to see how justice can prevail and even social issues and crime in Pakistan can be eliminated if there are good souls who understand the importance of humanity.

However, on the other side, we also get to see people who are actually supporting Arsalan and his wife.  But above all, we are happy to see that among so many vices, goodness exists.

Regardless, of who is wrong and who is right, we surely applaud the gratitude of this brave SP Rai Mazhar, who understands and respects the value of a mother. It is truly an act of respect and high morality, to learn that goodness of heart still exists in Pakistan. We are genuinely proud of this man and his bravery.

This isn’t the first time a police officer has won our hearts though. Just a month ago, we saw how a group of terrorists tried to attack PSX and hence were terminated before any major loss by two brave constables. Perhaps, its time to applaud our forces for their bravery and salute them for their hard work.

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