Arsalan’s Wife Claims Zoobia Meer Is Lying – Says They Didn’t Steal Anything From House

Zoobia meer mother beating liar

A tragic incident took place where a man and his wife physically abused their family for the sake of money. The girl Zoobia Meer took it to social media to plead the government and the public for justice for their mother and help from these monstrous people. According to recent reports b0th son and his wife have fled, after the sister and mother were taken to the hospital.

In addition, the duo has managed to wipe the house clean from all the riches and money. Meer pleads the government and the public to stand with her and get all the stolen goods as well as justice from these two.  However, another ugly twist awaits, as Meer’s sister-in-law, Bisma comes out with her own story.

‘Zoobia Meer is a liar’

Bisma is the wife of the man who beat his mother. She has now claimed that Meer; is actually the stepsister of Arsalan and is lying. She mentions that the house is after the name of her husband. Hence, they didn’t steal anything, except for what is already their own. She also adds that Meer and her mother were living there and using their luxuries for free.

Bisma also mentions that her stepsister-in-law is trying to entrap both husband and wife so that she can get all the money, and inheritance as her own. It makes us wonder what a poor state of an excuse that is. She also doesn’t comment on the fact that whether both of them physically abused their mother-in-law or not.

It seems the entire cycle of the world is based on the element of wealth and fortune. Bisma keeps on mentioning that, since the house belongs to her husband, Meer has no say in it and she can show proof on how everything belongs to her husband and they haven’t done anything wrong.

A scandal or truth?

Bisma adds that even her mother-in-law is a part of this scandal who attacked her despite knowing the fact that she is an expectant mother. She claims that the entire family is after their money. Hence she will be providing reports and other legal papers in her posts to show that they are being framed by Zoobia Meer and her family.

Not only are we ashamed and in complete disgust at the entire incident for occurring. Pakistani people, celebs and activists are completely shaken at the way human beings can become so deprived of emotions and humanity; that they are willing to cross all lines – and that too just for the sake of inheritance and wealth.


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